About Felix Culpa Theatre

felix a. fruitful; auspicious; happy; lucky.

culpa n. transgression; blame; fault; mischief.

felix culpa (Latin): n. 1. fortunate fall or happy sin; the eating of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, source of mankind’s salvation and damnation. 2. an audacious Vancouver theatre company.

Since 1990, Felix Culpa has produced original works and provovative plays from the world repertoire. Our focus is the power of language and its unique ability to explore complex subjects such as morality, beauty and the subjective nature of truth.

We aim to transform, transport, enlighten and delight.

David Bloom
Co-Artistic Director

Linda Quibell
Co-Artistic Director
PO Box 21620
1424 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

V5L 5G3 Canada604.251.7889


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